The family-owned company was founded in the early 70’s. AYG Group of companies has continued to grow exponentially ever since, opening the first hotel in Istanbul in 1993. In 2003 the group has opened their first hotel, named after the famous ship Titanic, as pioneer of theme hotels in Antalya. The property itself was shaped like a cruise ship and became one of the landmark properties at the region ever since its opening. With the opening of Titanic Deluxe Belek in 2013, Titanic Hotels has reached a total number of nine hotels both in Turkey and Germany.

As the hotel named as ship Titanic, we shaped our new concept on the hotels. Our customers is our honoured people like in a deluxe ship. So we told them to ‘Live their own Masterpiece’ in our ship together. Than we redesigned well-known movie posters but the difference is the people and the set of the places. This is our concept making every customer is a movie star in our hotels.