The LifeCo Redesigned 

The Life Co’s founder was so impressed with the benefits of detoxing, he wanted to share it with the world. Increased energy, loss of excess weight, brighter eyes and skin, better sleep, easier digestion, improved mood and clearer state of mind – that he started to explore alternative health treatments and philosophies around the world by practicing Vipassana meditation, visiting different wellness centers and studying various wellness disciplines.

So after that exploring he build the LifeCo living and lifestyle wellness place to the customers. First in Antalya than with Istanbul LifeCo became a better choice for people. As we redesigned new the website with soft and pastel colours, we started to design new packages, healthy bottles to drink and supplies set. Choosing a better and healthy lifestyle, you choose them as a package. Orange, Yellow, Green and so many colors package are symbolising the method you get.

Orange is energy, yellow is detoxing for example. So we create a better way to understand people this place we used lots of colourful flowers giving you this energy. The LifeCo is not only a spa hotel, is a healthier living place into your lifestyle with therapies, healthy living products, best hand-made foods, weight control, spa therapies, natural cosmetics, quality air, infinite water and all natural products.