‘Lord of the Horses’ tells the emotional story between Alex Giano, worldwide famous master horseman and the unique Andalusia horses as well as the their beautiful relationships with their masters. The team continues to tour the world with hundreds of thousand audiences in many countries and cities such as Germany, France, Monaco, Spain, and Las Vegas. You will have a magic journey with Alex Giano and his perfect team to experience modern skill of horse-riding. The first show is in İstanbul via Ülker Arena. After Istanbul, this show will be in Antalya. Horseman team of the show ‘Lord of the Horses’ consists of Alejandro Barrionuevo , Manolo Zumariva , Ricardo Navas, and Voltige Sherzod Mamatov. ‘Lord of the Horses’ is a show of art, power, and pride… That unconditional love between the master and his horse turns into a titanic show with all those magnificent lights and visual shows. There are 60 horses taking place in the show. You will be amazed to watch and feel the memories of the childhood fantasies, passions of the adrenaline, the horses that run and make acrobatic moves in freedom, funny ponies, comets, the fantasies of the dervishes, the invisible connections between the speed and courage. As designing the posters we used İstanbul’s most historical and symbolic places with white horses. And than came the ticket, branding designs, websites, banners and all you can see in this project.